You’re ready for your goddess session we have a few questions for you that will save you time filling out paperwork when you arrive; when you’re  ready, take some time to fill out the intake form.


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I understand Rose Compass Naturals is a Holistic Health service provided solely to assist me in attaining and maintaining optimum womb health and that at all times my healing is my sole responsibility.
I understand that it is Rose Compass Naturals belief that when given the proper nourishment, mentally, physically and spiritually, the body has the ability to heal itself.I understand that this during this session I will be exploring new territory and that Rose Compass Naturals is not responsible for any physical or psychological risk I choose to take in my activities.

Rose Compass Naturals Practitioners are not physicians and therefore do not diagnose, cure, treat or prevent/ or claim to diagnose, treat or prevent any dis-ease or prescribe drugs.

I understand that I am required to advise the  Yoni Steam Practitioner of any conditions, including Pregnancy that prevents me from receiving the Yoni Steam treatments.

Social Media and Posting of Photographs and Videos
Permission is required beforehand if you wish to post any photographs, video and audio record aspects of your session experience on various social media sites, such as You Tube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Any use of Rose Compass Naturals/Yoni Steam’s Logo requires express permission from Pamella Compass

I am hereby advised that all records rendered by the Rose Compass Naturals concerning your care is confidential and will not be released by Rose Compass Naturals and/or its practitioners without your written
consent, unless otherwise required by law. I understand that the nature of this session is done within a sister circle setting and that each member present is responsible for keeping the stories that we share during our time together confidential as well.*

Release of Liability
After being informed of the above risks and responsibilities, I generally release Rose Compass Naturals, together
with its instructors and other representatives, from all claims, causes of action, medical expenses, and
other costs related to my participation, whether they arise during my session or from my later use of
information or care at home.
By signing this agreement, I will abide by the terms of this Rose Compass Naturals and accept Rose Compass Naturals policies and enter into a legally binding general release of Liability.
Important Note: Due to the nature of these sessions and services and the preparation we put into each session we do not refund payments unless Rose Compass Naturals is responsible for cancellation.
Payments may be put towards future services or to fund a gift certificate for another woman at your discretion. Thank you for your love and support of our work to heal Hair Soul Yoni.*
All payments products and services are non-refundable unless cancelled or error of Rose Compass Naturals. Payments may be used within a 6 month time frame to apply toward future products and services.
Please give 2-4 weeks shipping for all orders. Thank You